Family members of three young people accuse PNB of having executed them

The police action is not always attuned to what is and what should be. Occasionally, police abuse is reported, especially from the less affluent populations who are victims of extortion, kidnapping and sometimes even deprivation of the fundamental right to life by those who have been invested by the state to protect the public.

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And this seems to be the case when relatives of Enmanuel Arturo Delgado Almeida (27), Neptal José Tomas Salas (23) and Edwin Alexander Cortés Serrano (30) denounced that they were detained by PNB officers under the Paárate Bueno -bridge, Antímano, they took them on motorbikes while they hit them with their helmets and then they were killed according to El Carabobeño hospital Miguel Pérez Carreño.

The three were neighbors and lived in the La California sector of Las Adjuntas, parish Macarao. Delgado Almeida and Materán Salas worked in a distributor of chickens in the same parish, and Cortés Serrano sold trinkets in a traveling way.

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A fourth neighbor whose identity had not been provided left the district together with them on Wednesday, August 22 at 1:00 pm & # 39; noon and around 4:00 pm the event was registered in Parate Bueno. Witnesses said they were being chased by the police, to catch up to three and the fourth managed to escape.

Luis Rafael Delgado, Enmanuel's father, said: "They were taken alive, they were beaten, it was a bad procedure, if they were caught because they were not imprisoned My son was murdered I saw it, everything has been touched . "

Witnesses who were in a mechanical workshop and saw what happened, could refer them to the boys' families. They investigated the site and told them that the agents brought them to La Yaguara.

They started looking for them in police positions and they denied they were caught. At 7 pm they were told that they were dead in the hospital. Enmanuel and Neptalí have not left children. Edwin had a 3-year-old boy.

Enmanuel had plans to leave the country as a result of the crisis, but he had failed to raise enough money "because we have a low income." A nephew waited for him in Ecuador.

The police officers claimed that they were caught stealing and that an exchange of photos was recorded. The relatives ensure that there is no confrontation and after burying they will go to the corresponding organizations to request an investigation.

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