GNB captured four civilians with firearms and cash in the state of Bolívar

Military personnel from Area Command No. 62 in the state of Bolívar, three men and one woman captured when they were traveling aboard a blue Toyota Fortuner truck, plates AF286HA on their way to Kilometer 88. When they performed a routine check, they had to power two guns of the pistol type, cash and molten gold among other things.

The information was provided by Brigadier General José Miguel Montoya Rodríguez, who identified the detainees as Enyerberth Ramón Godoy Jiménez (30), Miguel Rafael Ramos Cedeño (40), Julian de Los Angeles Carrera Arias (21) and Hu Changcun (30), who were firearm seized, brand Glock model 22, Caliber .40 mm, series destroyed with 14 .40 mm caliber projectiles and an additional Glock brand charger with 06 caliber .40 mm projectiles, and a Star brand firearm Eibar, Firestar Plus model, serial number 47727-99, silver color with black plastic handle, 9 mm x 19 gauge, with a silver-colored charger with 15 9 mm caliber projectiles.

Montoya Rodríguez said that the sum of 119,767.8 Bolívares Soberanos in cash, 58.7 g of molten gold and 15.3 g of fused gold was also seized; as well as two wireless radios, one counter billing machine Bill Counter model JAT33 NB and five mobile phones of different brands and models.

Major Montoya Rodríguez indicated that the detainees for the Public Prosecutor's Office were warned about money laundering and the illegal carrying of firearms. Press GNB CZ N ° 62 Bolívar

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