GNB seizes the Mega 72 supermarket in Maracaibo against payment

Cash from Bolivarian National Guard (GNB), intervened in the afternoon of this Sunday, August 19, the facilities of the Supermarket Mega 72 in Maracaibo, after countless complaints from users for "exaggerated prices".

Images and videos were uploaded via social networks, where it was appreciated that the items were "infarct" prices, A package of egg biscuits is located at 22 million bolivars, or the equivalent of 220 Bolívares Soberanos (BsS).

The soft drink of 2 liters is located on 27 million bolivars, which corresponds to 270 BsS, toilet paper exceeded 60 million bolivars. These prizes that surprised the marabinos were valued from this Saturday, August 18, after the salary increase announced by the national president.

Williams Contreras, national superintendent for the defense of socio-economic rights (Sundde), announced Sunday that the institution is alert to price remarks in products of the basic basket, which is why it urged the citizens to denounce these irregularities.

Submit a complaint via the free number 0800 – 565 87 86, personally to the Sundde offices in each state, and on Twitter @DununciasSundde @ Sunded_Ve accounts, also via sms or WhatsApp on 0414-120-28- 59 where our team is activated ", informed the superintendent.

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