Government denied access to Helicoide to lawyers of Juan Requesens

Thirteen days have passed since the arrest of the deputy Juan Requesens and everything seems to indicate a reissue of things as in Lorent Gomez Saleh, except that a recording that has been clearly edited and forcibly forbidden from the abuse and abuse of dignity the state more reason than the strength of the weapon to impose the force of the reason and the rights devoted in the 1999 Constitution which, until a referendum is called, remain in force and of mandatory compliance on the part of the organs of the state.

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The deputy Requesens had de facto withdrawn his parliamentary immunity, and then, under the ANC Tommy, an attempt was made to give the legality of the enforced aberration and in no case did they have the & # 39; flagrancy & # 39; that is invoked to show the indignation.

The letter from the COPP states in article 238: "For the purposes of this chapter, it is a flagrant crime to commit the offense or crime that has just been committed.It is also a blatant delicto for which the suspect or suspect is prosecuted or Persecuted by the police, by the victim or by public outrage, or in which he is surprised shortly after the offense is committed, in the same place or near the place where it was committed, with weapons, instruments or other objects somehow assume that he or she is the author or author. "

No entity has spoken to point to the deviation from this government action, ridicule, ridicule of television programs that, in theory, are Venezuelans, have marked rhythm and pattern to make fun that speaks only of moral poverty and mentally of those who perform them.

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Not surprisingly, it is surprising that a government that calls itself a humanist has locked up the dungeon they have chosen in people whose fundamental rights are violated at any time.

Even the public prosecutor who has been imposed by the ANC has taken the trouble to wash your face & # 39; and at some point to point out the cruel treatment you should know because you suffered at a certain moment.

The letters are on the table and the despotism shows its perverted face, that despotism mentioned in the text of our national anthem, the same one that nevertheless quickly freed an American prisoner to want to empathize with the much maligned & # 39; empire & # 39; .

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