Jesús Faría: it is not & # 39; paquetazo & # 39; of the plan, it will beat hyperinflation and exchange speculation

August 26, 2018 – 9.57

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The constituent and economist, Jesús Faría, denounces a "bestial campaign" based on lies to muddy and discredit the economic recovery program of the country by stating that "the working people are the ones who will pay and that is an adjustment neoliberal ".

In an interview with Carlos Croes at Televen, he assured that this plan is aimed at consolidating the great successes of the revolution. "It is not a paquetazo."

He assured that the plan will beat hyperinflation and exchange speculation. "We have the mission to eliminate the exchange rate speculation and manipulation of the dollar (…) Control of the exchange was increased and now the exchange operations are carried out in full freedom and that will contribute to a lower exchange rate, we will fight hyperinflation ".

"We open our economy so that investments are made (…) The social benefits we have are maintained: labor stability, employee compensation, wage increases, pensions (…) This is a process of hard work and fight fighting capacity for speculation, "he said.

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