Judicial reporter opens Venezuelan reporter

A Venezuelan court ordered Friday to open a judicial process for a photojournalist accused of the crimes of legitimizing capital and instigation to commit crimes, among other things.

The Venezuelan reporter Jesús Medina, who was arrested in Caracas this week while accompanying Peruvian journalists, was presented Friday by a local court that ratified his arrest and ordered his transfer to the Ramo Verde military prison just outside the capital process, said one of his lawyers María Fernanda Torres, a member of the local NGO Foro Penal.

Torres said in a Twitter message that Medina was accused of the crimes of money laundering, association to commit a crime, incitement to hatred and fraudulent use against acts of public administration.

Medina, who is critical of the government, was arrested this week when accompanying the Peruvian reporters conducting journalism research in the capital, said journalist Juana Avellaneda, who witnessed the arrest.

Avellaneda said that alleged officials of the political police intercepted Medina while accompanying Peruvian journalists to take the subway, and after they had given him a gun, they took him into custody.

The authorities have not commented on the case of Medina, who was kidnapped in confused circumstances last November after investigating a prison in the middle of the country. After his release, the reporter left the country for a while.

Medina was temporarily detained with Italian and Swiss journalists last October when conducting an investigation in the central prison of Tocorón.

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