Last of an escort shot of the Mayor of Libertador

21 August 2018 01:15 AM

Denny Alexander Monsalve Torres, 33 years old, escort of the mayor of the Libertador municipality, Ericka Farías, was shot dead at 6:00 am in the belly at the gates of the Campimar club in the El Obelisco sector of the Mirador del Este , in Petare.

Monsalve hired the club to celebrate the age of 15 of a cousin. The meeting was held normally. At the end of the event, those present decided to wait until dawn to retire.

Four criminals arrived at the site on two motorcycles, who wanted to enter the club so that the party could continue. There was a discussion in which they were told that they could not enter because everything was over.

The four people left, but armed with pistols and shot at those who were on the site. The escort has been shot in the belly. His stepfather, Jesús Lara, was shot three times and two of the guests were injured. They were all taken to the El Llanito Hospital where the escort died.

Monsalve Torres was the father of two teenagers, 13 and 12 years old and a 9-year-old boy. He lived with his family near the Campimar club. The escort was a bachelor and had followed several courses with regard to his work. He had worked with Mayor Farías for 11 years and enjoyed his complete trust, explained Arley Martínez, the wife of Monsalve Torres.

A committee of officials from the East Axis against murders of the Corps for Scientific, Criminal and Investigative Investigation took the investigations to identify and capture those responsible for this fact.

Monsalve Torres is part of the list of 49 corpses that were included in the morgue Bello Monte from Friday to Monday.

Víctor Enrique Beltrán Perales, 20 years old, who was a bricklayer, was killed by members of a gang who killed his brother Carlos Perales, 28 years old, six months ago. The event took place on Saturday at 4:00 in Brisas de Turumo, Caucagüita.

Relatives of Beltrán Perales said that he was at a party organized by community councils in the area, which was held in a cockpit. It all started when an uncle of Beltrán Perales hit some members of the gang who had killed his cousin. When the bricklayer intervened, they gave him a blow. Then there was a cousin in the conflict.

In view of what happened, the cousins ​​of Beltrán Perales called her mother who arrived at 4 o'clock because she lives in the neighborhood. They took him out of the meeting and started returning to the house, but halfway through they realized that they were followed by three men on a motorcycle.

These persons, carrying two pistols, got out of the engine, grabbed the mother's arms and gave him eight shots.



corpses were admitted to the mortuary between Friday and Monday, according to non-official figures. 16 bodies were brought to that unit between Friday and Saturday. From Saturday to Sunday the income was 16 and between Sunday and Monday 17 appear. Apparently the mortuaries of the hospitals where they usually wear the bodies from Monday to Friday afternoon did not work yesterday. That is why all cases of murders and natural deaths were transferred to Bello Monte.

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