Mayor puts order and ends with the mafia in Las Pulgas

Day and night the city of Maracaibo continues to create order in the city and destroys more than two thousand tarantines on the market Las Pulgas and the central city, to make it a space where a real commercial activity can be reborn.

The mayor of Maracaibo, Willy Casanova, together with his team and in the company of the only military authority, G / D Agustín Herrera Luna, Tony Boza and the government of Zulia, maintain the intervention plan that ends permanently with inertia and the anarchy in this spaces.

"We have experienced serious problems, such as networks for prostitution, drug sales, speculation and cash bachaqueo, and this will never happen again," said Casanova.

The mayor has said that they will not give in to the chaos, anarchy and illegality in the center of Maracaibo.

"The Maracaiberas and Zulianas families must have optimal spaces that serve to acquire the products they need to improve their quality of life," he explains.

He explained that in the market flea tarantines were found that served for years for the establishment of the Mafia, in addition to the sale of cash, medicines, food, meat products and food in general at speculative prices, but Casanova also stressed that all there are honest and hard-working people who have increased their business with the help of their family.

He also indicated that there are some positions that have been raised in the Calle Ancha of the market, which prevents the free movement of vehicles, and therefore they are removed.

Some traders, however, were allowed to withdraw some of their infrastructure, valuables and work items stored in the buildings this Sunday, so that their economy would not be affected. After having carried out the whole process of reorganizing the market, the office of the mayor of Maracaibo offers them a better space where they can carry out their commercial activities.

Casanova thanked the guidance of the people, the government of the Zulia State and the Bolivarian forces.

"We are happy and grateful for the support we have received in carrying out such laborious and courageous work, which I know will continue until we fully save our markets and turn into new places that truly serve what they the fun and economic development of our municipality and the region, "he said.

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