Several municipalities of Zulia take more than seven hours without light

September 2, 2018 07:39 PM
Updated on September 02, 2018 21:15 PM

Inhabitants of the state of Zulia have reported a power shutdown on Sundays that affected several municipalities of the entity for more than seven hours.

Luis Motta Domínguez, Minister of Electric Power, reported that several municipalities in the state are without electricity because of a "segmented or split bridge" cable on line 2 of Tablazo – Centennial.

Motta Domínguez indicated that Corpoelec would go to the place to verify and resolve the error. However, Zulia reports that the service has not yet been repaired.

"I am aware that as a result of an event that occurred on line 2 of 400kv (split cable or split bridge) Tablazo – Centennial, there is an interruption of the electrical service (500 MW) in several municipalities of Zulia CORPOELEC employees go to the site to check and repair fails, "he wrote on Twitter.

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