The broad front condemns the detention of traders

24 August 2018 01:15 AM

The Frente Amplio Venezuela Libre condemned the persecution and intimidation by the government against traders, businessmen and workers of the institutions accusing the "remarcar prices" of the products after the announcement of the economic measures of the executive.

"We condemn that the government has decided to threaten and shut down business owners and employees who are also victims of these measures," he said.

Through a statement, the coalition of trade unions, trade unions, universities and opposition parties expressed their rejection of the arrests of traders who took place after President Nicolas Maduro announced the increase in the minimum wage and taxes.

They warn that the increase in the minimum wage, determined by the executive, will generate more poverty and unemployment in the country. "This increase is a populist, irresponsible and demagogic act that will paralyze more employees and increase unemployment, and the closure of companies and jobs," says the text.

They reject the government's measures because they believe they are not supported by other important actions for the country's economy, for example the increase in national production. They point out that the new salaries will exacerbate hyperinflation.

Rejection of the street. The Frente Amplio de Mujeres held a protest in Caracas against the "paquetozo hambreador de Maduro". With banners and slogans, the ladies toured the promenade of Sabana Grande and drew the attention of passersby to those who informed them about the consequences of economic measures.

"The economic measures are only to get time for the regime that wants all Venezuelans to pay for the disaster in which they have sunk the country." With the increase in VAT they want to put each other in the pockets to finance this disaster. "said Diana Merchán, member of the political committee of the Frente Amplio de Mujeres.

The demonstrators pointed out that the increase in the minimum wage is pyrrhic and insufficient in the light of the inflationary escalation that exists in the country. They called for the unity of all sectors to "fight for change", which they regarded as urgent.

"The regime has put the crisis on our back, Maduro is cheating when he says there is a salary increase that will become salt and water," said Betzaida Yánez.

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