The earthquake that hit Venezuela also felt strong in Colombia

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(Caracas, August 21, News24).- At 4:39 in the afternoon an earthquake with an epicenter in Irapa, Venezuela, He felt strongly in different parts of Colombia, where they had to evacuate preventively. According to the Colombian Geological Service, the quake was of magnitude 7.0 and depth of 87 kilometers.

This movement forced several people in cities such as Bucaramanga or Villavicencio to evacuate preventively. In Bogotá, the earthquake was also felt by citizens who warned about what happened through social networks and also removed buildings in the north of the capital.

The site of the epicenter was the city of Irapa, in Venezuela, more 2,000 kilometers away from Bogotá, so it was surprising that the earthquake was strongly felt.

Viviana Dionic, coordinator of the seismological network of the SGC, explained that when an earthquake occurs there is a break between two blocks of earth, which suddenly causes breakage of waves that spread across the earth; that is, the whole world.

"The waves do not stay there in the epicenter.This earthquake was not so superficial, it was about 87 kilometers, and when the waves rose, the center and on all sides of the earth, earthquakes can be felt in parts far from the epicenter, as happened in this caseor ", Dionic said.

The expert pointed out that there were cases of earthquakes in Peru and Chile in Colombia, because the earthquakes are large in size, they are not superficial and they travel long distances.

So, in general terms, the reason for this that felt strong in the country through the spread of the wave.

"Sometimes there are local effects that can strengthen the waves, but in this case it was generally felt in almost the entire territory: Santanderes, Antioquia, Cundinamarca, Guainía, Meta and Vichada, so it is a product of the journey of the waves through the earth, "Dionic said.

On how she felt in tall buildings, the expert explained that it should see with the resonance frequency of these, these can be more or less moved, depending on the height and the type of movement.

"These earthquakes of this size and far away can create resonant effects, which are reinforced for higher buildings, because they resonate with the natural frequency of a building, so the buildings must generally be made according to the standards for seismic resistance. be resistant to these kinds of movements, "he said.

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