The GNB caught 4 suspects with firearms and cash

24 August 2018 01:15 AM

Bolivar Bolivarian National Guard officials held three men and a woman who had two firearms, cash and gold when they were traveling in a Toyota brand car, a blue Fortuner model, destined for kilometer 88, in the south of the Bolivar state.

The suspects were identified as Enyerberth Ramón Godoy Jiménez, 30 years old; Miguel Rafael Ramos Cedeño, 40 years old; Juliany de los Angeles Carrera Arias, 21 years old, and Hu Changcun, 30 years old.

The procedure was carried out on Monday when the army seized two pistols, a Glock 22 brand, a 40 mm caliber and another Star Eibar Firestar Plus brand with 14 projectiles, with 2 additional chargers: one with 6 bullets and the other. others with 15 projectiles. The sum of 119,767.8 sovereign bolivars in cash, 58.3 grams of molten gold and 15.3 grams of merged gold was also seized, as well as 2 broadcasting radios, Baofeng brand, a money counter and 5 mobile phones from different Brands. and models.

The commander of Zone N ° 62, Brigadier General Jose Miguel Montoya Rodríguez, reported that the prisoners were allocated for legitimizing capital and illegal carrying of firearms and were placed under the order of the 5th Public Prosecution Service.

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