The real intervention of the center of Maracaibo has just begun

Mayor Casanova: The real intervention of the center of Maracaibo has just begun

The Mayor of Maracaibo, Willy Csanova, presented via an article that this Sunday was sent to PANORAMA, a position on the significance of the intervention of the Las Pulgas market and its neighboring countries.

He said that the laws and regulations will be enforced to avoid the anarchy that has been in this area for years. He argued that a transnational mafia was installed in the center of the city that operated with the smuggling of fuel, food, medicine, cash and drug trafficking as a "supra-state".

He explained that Libertador Avenue will remain close to car traffic because the tarantines will withdraw and this week the rehabilitation of this important road that has efficiently communicated with Haticos, Delicias, Sabaneta and El Milagro will begin.

He said that the intervention will not be "a media show".

Here the full article:

"When we started the election campaign, we came up with the slogan" Maracaibo, Te Quiero ", deeply convinced that what Maracaibo needed most, was willingness and affection, without any doubt he needed men and women who were capable of taking the necessary actions. to restore the luster and title that corresponded with him: "the most beautiful city on the continent".

In that beautiful city bathroom that meant going to every neighborhood, to every urbanization, in the 18 parishes of the congregation, in different ways our city told us that Maracaibo needed order and authority, that it was essential to correct all bad things. was time to stop anarchy and generalized apathy.

It was in the heat of the city, the last days of the election, that we started talking about the rebirth of our city.

We arrived at the mayor's office on December 10, and we began the complex process of reconfiguring it; at the mayor's office they let it be destroyed, without any capacity to do, away from the real problems of the city and its citizens, without equipment and with a demotivated workforce, without leadership.

In the past 10 months we have endured our own difficulties and have emerged from the bloody economic war and the electric sabotage that accompanied us from the first week of the government to barely 15 days ago.

Now, in the context of the Recovery, Growth and Economic Prosperity Plan, implemented by our President Nicolás Maduro, another economic reality is beginning to be felt. There is still much to do, but today we can see a route that will lead us to victory on that plane.

In our city, which was the heart of that transnational mafia, the "Las Pulgas" market was based for years on the smug gaze of those who ruled this city and the state; a powerful mafia, linked to smuggling fuel, drug trafficking, cash sales, speculation and overpriced food and medicine prices, alongside other practices that have humiliated and abused our people for years, including our children and adolescents.

They formed a kind of superior state, a paradise for their anti-national practices and contrary to the interests of the major majorities.

Our companion, governor Omar Prieto, was decisive in the non-coexistence of these mafias or by allowing them to move forward, on the contrary, from the very first day it created little by little the conditions "Las Pulgas" to enter, defeat that mafia and bring the market back to the Zulian people, to the maracaiberos.

Then came the afternoon of Wednesday, September 26. We intervene in the "Las Pulgas" market and continue to order Libertador Avenue, Right Street, Páez Avenue, the surroundings of the PDVSA towers and the Chiquinquirá hospital; in short, the entire Central Casco.

Only this Saturday we did 72 hours of the intervention. The city already knows and understands that it is not a "media show", people understand it and the mafia understand it. We have made it clear that we are going for the total rescue of the center of Maracaibo, that we will clean up the market and end the Mafia and build a new economy.

I ask the maracaibero people for understanding and support. Once the real intervention begins, the administrative, that of adapting the shops to national and regional laws and regulations. Libertador Avenue remains closed to car traffic, the security cordon is retained, the process to remove tarantines placed on public roads, footpaths or sidewalks; It will continue to liberate and return all spaces to our people. The integral recovery of the Liberator starts this week also in terms of patching, demarcation, repair of traffic lights, lighting and installation of permanent modules of our Polimaracaibo.

To patriotic, honest and national men and women who live in the center of the city with some formal or informal business activities, I tell them: count on me, but you must understand that there is a government in the Bolivarian city hall of Maracaibo and in the interior Zulia, representing the great majorities and we have the strength that our people have given to exercise authority and order.

Maracaibo Renace, today we can say it with great force. Renace "Las Pulgas", the Malecón has been reborn, "Calle Derecha" has been reborn, La Plazoleta has been reborn, the Liberator has been reborn … In short, the city has been reborn ".

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