The risk system assesses damage caused by earthquakes in 29 Anzoátegui structures

Vivian Ariza.- In the state of Anzoátegui, 29 buildings were hit by the earthquake that took place last Tuesday, with aftershocks on Wednesday. There are 17 houses, six buildings, a hospital, two churches, a hotel and two schools are the buildings that resulted in small activities.

The Director of the Integrated System of Risk Management, Administration of Emergencies of Civil Character and Disasters (Sigraed) Plácido Malavé, said they are still conducting evaluations in Dairy, five buildings have been damaged and one in Guanta.

The inventory of damage to infrastructure includes 15 houses in the city of Clarines, one in Barcelona and one in El Tigre.

The initial education center Luis Espelozín in Boyacá and the José Rafael Domínguez Bolivarian high school are the educational institutions in which the damage has been reported. Malavé announced the commitment of a team to evaluate all schools in the state to verify the physical factory.

He explained that two chambers of the type I hospital in Pariaguan showed tearing and releasing of the frieze, so the patients were expelled.

Malavé said that the hotel Cristina Suite presented a freestanding frieze on the façade.

The director of Sigraed confirmed that in the churches the Ermita del Carmen in Barcelona and Nuestra Señora de la Soledad, in the municipality of Independencia, had cracks in their walls as a result of telluric movements.

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