The same feeling and concern


The absurd economic measures & # 39; announced last Friday by Nicolás Maduro are destined to fail, and its effects will only accentuate hunger and misery among those who have been carrying this heavy cross for several years, while the situation is becoming increasingly unbearable.

Almost all companies and industries have been condemned to disappear with the demagogic salary increase that is nothing more than a mirage and a heavy burden on the private sector. There is no company or organization that can withstand this strong impact, and you do not have to be clairvoyant or have the crystal ball to predict that in a short time hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans will form lines in the long quota of unemployed when these entities and branches they are forced to close their doors, and the prices of food, medicine and services are more unattainable, thus obscuring the dark panorama presented to us.

The estimates of the International Monetary Fund and leading economists indicate that hyperinflation will close more than 1,000,000% this year, so that this conversion and the measures are not possible. Antonio described them as "devils". "That menjurje will not bring solutions, because it is a poisoned drink that will ultimately liquidate the national economy."

With these advertisements it is impossible to generate employment and investment. An increase in the salary was necessary because the income is converted into salt and water for employees with the high prices of basic consumer goods, but this increase must have been implemented within an extensive adjustment program, and not with this irrational policy that leads the country to total downfall.

We are at crucial moments for Venezuela, and there is no alternative but to continue without fainting, with the face of this brutal dictatorship that is already very weak and in the terminal stage. We are in solidarity with all the mechanisms of the struggle that activate a kidnapped and murdered people like ours.

The armed forces are also part of the people and have a duty to make a statement in the name of respect and obedience to the national constitution. Famine and diseases are rampant everywhere in the home country and the humanitarian intervention of the international community is becoming increasingly important. In the country we all need each other, because here we all have the same feeling and concern with a common goal, namely to get out of this dictatorship as quickly as possible and in this way save Venezuela from total calamity.

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