They conquered Ciro Belloso in Maracaibo

01 October 2018 12:06 PM
Updated on 01 October 2018 12:39

Ciro Belloso, former director of the mayor of Maracaibo and the governor of Zulia, was arrested on Sunday by officials of the Bolivarian police of Zulia (Cpbez) and the management of intelligence and prevention strategies (DEEP).

The former mayor of Maracaibo received a red warning from Interpol for killing his partner and brother-in-law with a knife, after a discussion about money in 2015. Official sources indicated that the subject was located in Colombia and returned to Venezuela on Sunday, assessed Panorama.

Officials reported that Belloso was trying to escape from the authorities, but was imprisoned in the Coquivacoa parish in the Isla Dorada region of Maracaibo.

Belloso tried to hide his identity before he was transferred to the headquarters of the Scientific, Criminal and Detective Investigation Office, but he eventually recognized it.

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