They delivered 500 tires to 220 carriers in Nueva Esparta

The government of the State of Nueva Esparta supplied 500 tires or rubbers at the agreed prices to the 220 hauliers operating in the island unit.

The governor of that state, Dante Rivas, said that this delivery will benefit 24,000 users a day from the 34 routes in the 11 municipalities, which will be served by the 39 lines that are preferred today.

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Rivas explained that the Higher Transport Authority of the State received input from the Ministry of Land Transport and another party from the private sector, after which trade unions reached agreement on a larger number of companies with average prices. to make them more accessible. The value of rubber type 7.50 / 16, for example, was fixed at 485 sovereign bolivars. The price of this product on the speculative market is 10,900 sovereign bolivars, ie 2.147% more expensive, making it impossible for motorists to approach them.

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