They have announced new amounts of bonds from the country's card

August 27, 2018 06:45 PM
Updated on August 27, 2018 19:06

President Nicolás Maduro announced Monday the new direct subsidy payments that will be delivered via the map of the motherland to the population registered in the national system.

Maduro explained that the state has delivered 14 million bonds of 600 sovereign bolivars corresponding to the conversion bonus, and said that from 1 September the new table of direct subsidy and support to 6 million houses in the country will take effect.

"There are five levels of direct subsidy for the families of two members, an amount of 360 sovereign bolivars will be delivered, three members will receive 550 sovereign bolivars, four family members will receive 740 sovereign bolivars and up to five family members will receive 930 bolivars. sovereign bolivars, and finally, families of six or more members will receive a total of 1120 sovereign bolivars, "explained Maduro.

The president indicated that women who took part in the humanized birth program 600 will receive sovereign bolivars and that citizens registered in the mission of José Gregorio Hernández will receive 450 sovereign bolivars.

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