They provide carriers of 500 rubbers at agreed prices – Correo del Orinoco

The Bolivarian government of Nueva Esparta on Saturday gave 220 carriers with 500 tires at the agreed prices, allowing 133 units to re-introduce to offer the service, said the protector of the insular entity, Dante Rivas.

"24,000 users of 34 routes will benefit daily," said Rivas through the social network Twitter, while ensuring that this measure benefited 39 lines from the 11 municipalities of the eastern state.

"This tranche is part of the economic recovery plan of President Nicolás Maduro and we will continue to work hand in hand with the sector with the support of Minister Hipólito Abreu (Transport) to optimize island transport," he wrote in his account @ DanteRivasQ.


On the other hand, Rivas emphasized that 18,100 kilos of fish were distributed during the day in the municipalities of Arismendi, Antolín del Campo, Gómez, Maneiro, Mariño and Tubores in the state of Nueva Esparta.

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