Until 7 September, the golden lingoticos will be able to acquire

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(Caracas, September 2, News24) .- The Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV) published yesterday on its website, the rules that apply to the gold savings plan that starts this Monday and of which the sale closes next Friday 07.

The call is addressed to individuals and savings banks. The BCV set as requirements to have the legal age, resident, to have e-mail and national bank account. To acquire them, the interested parties must go directly to the offices of the issuing authority and may "pay only a single daily contribution".

He also pointed out that Sovereign Gold Savings Title 1.5 gr. and 2.5 gr., "shall be dematerialized, nominative, without interest, repayable quarterly, non-refundable by physical gold, can only be discussed as a back-up or collateral for financing operations ".

Similarly, the call ensures that "in the event of unexpected fluctuations in the price of gold or the exchange rate, the total payment received by the holders at maturity will be equal to the value in Bs.S of their initial investment".

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