Venezuela will deploy 8,000 young people to control prices at petrol stations

CARACAS. The President of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, has announced that he will use more than 8000 young people to check prices at petrol stations in the country, in the framework of his "economic recovery" program, and to combat smuggling of fuel, considered the cheapest in the world.

"I have commissioned (…) to train more than 8000 young people as prosecutors of the new pricing system and the new system of national hydrocarbons, that will be my eyes, my ears and my hands in all petrol pumps in the country" , the president said in a political act in Caracas.

He recalled that his government is working on a new mechanism to restrict the subsidy of petrol only to those who register their vehicles in a government order, rejected by the opposition and where 3,009,101 vehicles have already been registered, he said.

"I'm not going to leave anything to chance (…) we're going to end the theft of petrol made from the plagues of Colombia, the Mafia" of Colombia, "he continued with regard to the smugglers according to the Chavismo the gasoline to the neighboring country, where it is 700 times more expensive.

The president rejected the opposition criticizing his economic adjustments this week which are a "paquetazo" and which include the devaluation of 95.8% in the currency, the increase in taxes and wages, as well as price controls.

Economists and deputies have warned that Maduro's economic program will exacerbate the crisis, especially the inflation that, according to calculations by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), will close the year in 1,000,000%.

Source: EFE / Photo: Elcaraboneño

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