we do not know how many children will enter this new school year

Nancy Hernández, representative of the board of directors of the National Federation of Parents and Representatives (Fenasopadress), said that there are a significant number of schools that do not start classes on 17 September, because most of them serve as shelter for people affected by the heavy rainfall that has taken place in the country.

He also emphasized that there is currently no knowledge of the exact number of students that will start the school year.

"We do not know how much the registration of students is for one of the two sectors, both private and public, we still do not know how many children will start and start this school year."

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The situation that crosses the country affects the students' access to the educational institutions. Hernandez said that the government does not know exactly what the educational status is that crosses the country.

"It is a disaster in education, the ministry does not have the ability to respond to guarantee the right to education.This year, uncertainty and despair for both the public sector and the private sector feels like the withdrawal of so many children on their right to education, "he explained.

As far as tuition fees and high costs for private schools are concerned, Hernandez urged the authorities to hold a meeting of parents and representatives where the amounts are discussed in a negotiated manner and not by a unilateral decision, due to the fact that guarantee the right to education of the children of the country.

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