Apple has removed 25,000 applications from the App Store in China

The government of China, has a very difficult regime in terms of technological innovations that enter the country, so companies like to Googlethey have to change the way they work to get into it; However, that is not the only case that exists, since Apple is also indulged in Chinese standards.

The apple company had to remove 25,000 applications from the App Store in China, because they did not comply with the regulations that the country has with regard to situations that could distract people's attention.

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That is why most deleted apps had to deal with games, bets, draws and other activities in which coincidence was involved.

Through a statement, Apple said the applications were removed because they did not comply with the rules that control the country:

"Gambling applications are illegal and are not allowed in the App Store in China, we have already eliminated many applications and developer profiles for distributing illegal gambling applications in our application store, and we are vigilant to find them and avoid them in the App Store. "

This fact is added to the list of actions that the Tim Cook company had to perform to be present on the Chinese market, as it previously had to revoke the VPN services (private and virtual networks), which allowed people to access web pages & # 39; s and social networks such as Google, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, which have been censored for several years.

iPhone and other gadgets would be manufactured in Mexico by the China-US tariff war

Parallel to this situation there is the recent decision of the President of the United States, Donald Trump, concerning it use of Huawei, ZTE and other Chinese companies, in his government, because he considers them dangerous for national security; all these situations make the US relationship with China is quite tense and that the technological future between the two is in limbo.

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