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One of the greatest mysteries that astronomers have tried to solve in recent times is related to the properties that are the earth only inhabited planet of which one has knowledgeprecisely because of the amount of water present on its surface. Now a team of scientists believes that Jupiter He had a lot to do with this process.

The first years in the formation of the solar system is a subject that researchers have studied for years, a process that has given the gas giant a very important role in the construction of the planets, especially the smallest ones. In our system, around the Sun, there are Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars, then comes an asteroid belt and the enormous Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune begin.

The theory postulated by a team of scientists led by Sean Raymond, an astronomer at the University of Bordeaux, in France, states that during the formation of the first four planets – the rocky ones in the habitable zone – the gravity generated by Jupiter around the sun caused not only a protective barrier for the little ones, but also one "bombardment" of asteroids that could have brought important materials.

Among them, the most fundamental for life as it is known: Water. According to the research published in the Icarus magazine, this effect would be responsible for one of the biggest questions in the search for life in the cosmos: why does not the earth have water and the rest of the planets? The answer would be in these rocks -with frozen ice-cream that collided with our planet during formation.

So, thanks to the proximity of the sun, this ice would have melted, generating enough water to populate the oceans that are on our surface and that were fundamental to the creation and evolution of life.

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