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Five of the best ideas of ghost technologies would, if they were to become reality, create an era that is very different from today, according to BBC News World.

1. Mutant issue

A simple way to understand this concept is to imagine a sort of "electronic spelled dough" or a hologram that can be played.

Engineers who work to make it possible, combine robotics, nanotechnology and design to create information in three dimensions.

"Our goal is to give information a tangible and interactive form," says the website of the programmable research group at Carnegie Mellon University.

2. Zero point energy

According to physics, absolute zero (-273 °) is the temperature at which all molecules no longer move.
However, the zero point energy is a concept of quantum mechanics that says that the molecules maintain a vibrational energy at absolute zero.

It means that even in the empty space there are particles that fluctuate thanks to the conserved energy. In theory, you could benefit from that energy.

If one day you can benefit from these fluctuations, there would be access to powerful and almost inexhaustible energy.

3. Force fields

Invisible shields are a classic in science fiction films, which for the time being do not yet exist.
The Boeing company patented a method to weaken and repel the explosive waves of a bomb with an electromagnetic arc.

The concept has not yet been used and it does not have the capacity to stop bullets or missiles.

4. Asteroid mining

According to Imperial College scientists, there are at least three companies in the United States that are investigating technologies to extract metals and minerals from asteroids in space.

According to NASA's Center for Near-Earth Object Studies, it is likely in the next century "when we begin to colonize the inner solar system, metals and minerals found in asteroids will produce raw materials for space structures."

This technology does not exist yet, NASA calculates that if it manages to explode the asteroids of the belt between Mars and Jupiter, it would open an industry with an equivalent value to give $ 100,000 million to every person on Earth.

5. Artificial consciousness

The term artificial intelligence no longer surprises, but it does not matter how many lists are the machines and robots that exist today, nobody has "soul".

This case is complicated because it is not only a technological challenge, but also penetrates into the depths of philosophy, what is the soul?
The researchers at Imperial College do not say it immediately, but suggest that Alphabet, the conglomerate of which Google is a part, could work on some project with regard to artificial consciousness.

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