Charging mobile phone batteries up to 100% can shorten their lifespan

G. Urdaneta / agencies

For years, the headache of mobile device users has led to an extension of battery life, as reference habits that do nothing but shorten the durability of technological devices.

The telephone experts recommend that one of the measures to take the battery more time is that the phone does not charge 100%, to prevent it from running more cycles that directly affect battery operation, ideally tax reaches 80% to 90%.

The myth that the battery could be used in its entirety was the product of making batteries with nickel metal hydride or nickel cadmium, components that forced people to exhaust the charge of the battery before it was charged, according to iProfesional.

Currently, batteries are made of lithium ions, the useful life of which is three to five years, or lithium polymer, which have the ability to be connected to the taste of the consumer. Although they are made of different materials, they have a similarity, which corresponds to the fact that their useful life is measured by means of charging cycles.

These cycles are those where the battery completes its charge for 100%, for example "if one day 80% of the battery is consumed, it can be charged during the night, and if the next morning%, the total lifetime is discharged, because a charging cycle has been carried out between the two days ".

In short, for many culminated cycles the battery would lose its useful life and little by little it would be damaged until it needed a replacement.

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