Easily add events to your calendar with Tampermonkey

From the Facebook platform you can add important activities to the Google Calendar.

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The world of technology is evolving and now users of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox can add events to their Google Calendar via the social network Facebook How? via the Tampermonkey extension.

Before you start talking about the unique application, you should know that the Google Calendar is a very interesting tool to remember daily. It is a way to add dates that are relevant and relevant to us. It is also to add flights, hotel reservations and other things.

As we know, Facebook is the social network that is most used by users. It is a platform that serves almost everything today: keep us up to date with news, keep in touch with friends and family, watch video, upload photos and we can even be aware of upcoming events that to interest.

Precisely this, the events, is what we can export to the Google Calendar. A way to access what interests us in a more visible way.

Facebook Event Exporter

However, this extension does not make it possible in itself to copy Facebook events to the Google Calendar. The extension that allows the user to enter the script that makes it possible. This script is called Facebook Event Exportery is open source. We can copy the code from GitHub

It is very simple We only need to open the extension and give it to New script. Then we paste the code that we have copied from GitHub and we give it a save with File -> Save.

Once all this is done, we have to go to the page of a Facebook event. We will see a button to export the event. Click it and it takes us to the Google calendar page. It automatically fills in all fields such as title, date, description and other fields. Later you have to give it to save.

This way you can use a simple script and a browser extension to export Facebook events to the Google Calendar. So you can make everything accessible from a single place and do not lose anything. Another option to fill the agenda and have everything concentrated in the same room

It may happen that we see an event that interests us on Facebook but we forget the date and we pass. This way we always see it when you add it to the Google Calendar. It is ideal for those who make great use of this Google option to write down their complete agenda.

In short, Facebook Event Exporter is an interesting script that makes memorizing important events easier. It is completely free. You just need to download the extension with which we can add a new script. This extension can add it from the official store.

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