Five tools you might not have known about Instagram

Have you blocked someone without wanting it? Do you want a company profile? With some tools in the application you can do this and more.

Instagram is a simple social network: upload photos & videos, and "like" or not.

However, it has several functions that make the experience much more complete and even help to get "juice" to the application.

Pay attention:

-View the publications you liked: Did you know that there is a specific possibility to see the publications you like in recent weeks? To do this, go to the & # 39; Settings & # 39; and on the & # 39; Publications you like & # 39; click.

– In a line: If you do not want your contacts or other users who write to the private individual to go to your profile settings the last time you were active, select the option "Activity status" and enable the "Show status of activity." ! If you deactivate this, you will not be able to see the last time of the other accounts.

– Company Profile: Having a company profile gives you the possibility to consult statistics, create promotions and add a location, contact, among others. For this you have to go to the configuration bar and select the "Register to obtain a company profile" tab and follow the simple steps.

-Synchronization: This option allows you to synchronize the contacts on your mobile phone so that you can see a list of the users you want to follow and those who do not. In this case, you must go to Instagram settings, select the "Synchronize contacts" option and enable the respective button.

– blocked accounts: If you have blocked someone for any reason by entering the "Blocked accounts" tab, you have the list of all users who can not search for you or see what you are posting. This also helps you if you want to unblock a user.

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