Google has warned that it has removed YouTube accounts

Google has warned that it has removed YouTube accounts

It is due to a disinformation campaign that is related to Iran. The technological giant blocked 39 channels with relevant video & # 39; s & # 39; which were viewed a total of 13,466 times in the United States.

Google today announced in its official blog that it has eliminated all 58 accounts from YouTube, Blogger and Google+ allegedly linked to Iran and involved in disinformation campaigns.

This week, Facebook and Twitter also revealed that they had deactivated hundreds of accounts in their social networks that were supposedly related to Iran and that they distributed "fake news" and other content under concealed identities with the intention of misinforming.

Google's senior vice president and global advisor, Kent Walker, today stated on the company's blog that they, along with the computer security company FireEye, determined that these already oppressed accounts were connected to IRIB, a media group that groups on the public radio and television from Iran.

Google claimed to have tracked IP addresses, domain ownership information, and other suspicious accounts information to link them to IRIB.

The researchers state that these accounts have been working in a coordinated manner since at least January 2017.

The technology giant has blocked 39 YouTube channels with relevant video & # 39; s & # 39; who have viewed a total of 13,466 times in the United States and have dismantled six accounts on Blogger and thirteen in the Google+ social network.

Google is the latest technological big actor in combating disinformation campaigns from Russia and Iran, which have the supposed purpose of causing confusion and disagreement amongst US voters before the parliamentary elections in November.

"In addition to the information we have received from FireEye, our teams have investigated a broader range of suspected actors in relation to this campaign," said Google.

On the other hand, Google also commented that it has removed 42 YouTube channels and a Blogger blog that is linked to the Internet Research Agency (IRA), an organization dedicated to promoting the position of the Russian government in social networks and internet.

"The activity we've discovered highlights that multiple actors continue to participate and experiment in online influence operations powered by social networks as a means to shape a political discourse," FireEye said.

As evidence, the survey revealed telephone numbers, information on website registration and promotion of content in accordance with Iranian political interests, according to the report.

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