How to report and block contact or group WhatsApp without realizing it

More and more news from WhatsApp and this time it is not about leaving us behind as evidence report and / or block a contact without leaving a trace that we did it.

In version 2.18.246 of the app users will receive the new "Inform" function, which offers users the possibility to quickly report and block a contact and at the same time delete all messages with just one touch. & # 39; Super!

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Another advantage is that from now on it is possible to report to all members of a group chat. The "Inform" option is only available in the Beta version of WhatsApp for Android. Although the date of the official implementation on the platform is still unknown.

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The initiative relates to the Facebook policy, which provides users with tools so that they can report discreetly to those who disagree discreetly.

How to do it?

You need to go to Settings -> Help -> Contact us, with the option to add screenshots showing the problematic content that a group or person would have sent.

Now you can report a contact or group Chat from the & # 39; Group Information & # 39; room, after which an announcement appears with the message & # 39; Report spam & # 39 ;. But with this you have only reported and left the group, so you have lost history. But there are many more options.

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Eye: from now on, reporting a contact or group will not necessarily be linked to deleting the messages and their output: the option "Block contact (or leave the group) and delete messages from this chat" can be marked or deleted the checkmark, so that it will be possible to choose whether we want to keep the history of chats as a possible proof in the future and thus stay within the group without breaking the relationship with the or contacts.

"We encourage you to send us a report if you receive or see any problematic content on WhatsApp.Please also note that in order to ensure the security and confidentiality of your messages, we will in most cases change the content of the messages provided by WhatsApp. have been sent and received, and therefore we do not have many sources to verify and act on a report, "announced the creators of the app.

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