Microsoft has removed a warning from Windows 10 for users trying to install Chrome or Firefox.

The notifications were introduced through a version of Windows Insider released in the second week of September, as published by The Verge, and the goal was for anyone trying to download a web browser other than Microsoft Edge, developed by the company, inadvisable.
The report that was generated commented: "You already have Microsoft Edge, the safest and fastest search engine for Windows 10", and both offered the possibility to open Edge and download the new browser anyway. Along with this, also picked up the possibility of deactivating warnings of that type for the future.
The company has not warned against the introduction of this new feature in tests, nor for its removal in the most recent version of Windows Preview via publications. The evaluation of new functions is performed to introduce or remove new aspects in the October update of the Windows 10 operating system.
Another aspect that Microsoft tried to publicize in the past was the obligation to use links in this browser in the messages sent via Windows 10 Mail. In addition, Windows 10 also displays notifications in case of trying to default to a browser other than Edge.

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