New version of the Chrome 69 search engine is available in September (+ details)

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(Caracas, 25 August News24) .-The American company Google announced that it will announce the new design of its searched Chrome 69 from September, one of the most used browsers in the world, with more than 750 million active users.

The designs have been developed by the company Mountain View and have worked on a great redesign of Google Chrome, which contains a number of characteristics of Material Design, the design rules that have been drawn up by the company with the aim of giving it more style. homogeneous for the most important applications. So other tools have already taken over some of their functions, and for example Google Maps for mobile and integrates Material Design, the specialized portal has looked at Computer.

Although the Big G started testing the new Chrome interface in Chrome Canary a few weeks ago, the version of the browser was mainly aimed at developers, it was still unknown when the new design would be available in the stable version.

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The changes of the new interface are concentrated in the row of tabs at the top, which are now more rounded and the bottom corners also soften their lines. In addition, the active tab is visually marked before the other and the button to open a new tab has a + to make it easier to identify its function.

Since the release of the stable version of Chrome 69 is scheduled for release on September 4, This is the date on which all users can use the new design with Material Design.

With information from the newspaper El Siglo

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