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The Gamescom exhibition, the most important meeting of video games in Europe, opened its tenth edition in Cologne (Germany) on Tuesday.

Some of the most important companies in the sector such as Sony, Ubisoft, Activision, Nintendo or Microsoft show in this space the news that will appear in the coming months.

The poster of this tenth edition is led by well-known sagas such as "Assassin & # 39; s Creed Odyssey", "Shadow of the Tomb Raider" -the last by Lara Croft- or "FIFA19", together with the best-seller hit of this years, "Fortnite", such as superproductions such as "Spider-Man" or independent projects such as "Gris", made by the Spanish studio Nomad Studio.

The host country of this year is Spain, with a stand of 120 square meters in which a dozen studios present their proposals. Spain is the fourth European market for videogames – among Germany, Great Britain and France – with sales reaching 1,359 million euros in 2017, more than double the amount of cinema and music.

Playing video games everywhere is the new trend promoted by the online entertainment industry that was ratified during the event, which will be held until August 25th. Currently, more people are playing on their smartphones than on computers, says Felix Falk, head of the Federation of German Video Game Developers (GAME), adding that subscription and cloud games are also in vogue.

The most important releases

Gamescon 2018. Photo: Reuters.
Gamescon 2018. Photo: Reuters.

Ubisoft launches a new episode of his classic "The Settlers", the expected "Shenmue III" is released in August and THQ Nordic rises "Desperados" with a title from his story.

These are some of the major announcements from the industry for 2019. In addition, Bandai also announced the release of "Man of Medan", the first episode of "The Dark Pictures Anthology", made by Supermasssive Games and Square Enix. new material from "Life is Strange 2", a video game released in the fall. The official date and the new photo's of "Shenmue III" are one of the announcements that more expectations arose at the official opening of Gamescom: it will be available on 27 August of next year (PC and Ps4) to major joy of his fans, who have been waiting for more than a decade on a new delivery.

In a recorded video, the maker of the saga, the Japanese Yü Suzuki, presented new images of the delivery, in which you can see the protagonist Ryo Hazuki, who will continue his adventures in this story of honor and revenge in modern Japan.

"Not all games can say that it is very special, this is it and it is also very long-awaited," Koch Media president Klemens Kundratitz told the audience at Gamescom.

Ubisoft then announced in 2019 a new episode of "The Settlers" which commemorated the 25th anniversary of one of his strategy classics, which first appeared in 1993. For the nostalgic, the French company also announced a collection with the seven modernized previous deliveries, which can be played during the fair and will see the light in November, today advanced in the inaugural conference of Gamescom, the director of the company, Bendikt Schüler .

Gamescon 2018 in Cologne, Germany. Photo: AFP.
Gamescon 2018 in Cologne, Germany. Photo: AFP.

Another surprise from the first day of the Gamescom was the announcement of "Desperados 3": a new episode of the dark western of the strategy for which THQ Nordic called on the studio Mimimi and released in 2019, more than a decade after his last episode, "Desperados 2: Cooper & # 39; s Revenge" (2006).

Along with these announcements, the tenth edition of the fair will exclusively show visitors of the coming months with a poster that combines famous sagas, such as "Assassin & # 39; s Creed Odyssey" or "Fortnite", and superproductions such as "Spider -Man".

The game "Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice", signed by the team of the successful saga "Dark Souls", has been tested for the first time at Gamescom. "We wanted to make a game that speaks to the core of the player," says one of the developers, Efe Yasuhiro Kitao from Japan. The worldwide launch of this expected title will take place in March 2019, as announced by the distributor Activision Blizzard, whose project has been set up with the Gamescom prize for Best Action Video Game.

At a time in the sector where multiplayer mode is in full bloom – several players are connected online in the same scenario – the creative team is dedicated to player mode only and in the first person. The story of the game, as in his previous project, is not linear, the player has to go "looking" for the different elements that are alternated on his way "that he has to unite to make sense", says Kitao.

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