PayPal app update ensures easier payments

PayPal is one of the services of online payment most famous and used in the worldhowever effective it may be, it must constantly change to adapt to the new needs that users have and keep, so in order to achieve this, it has recently updated its image and tools.

The new design of the PayPal app, focuses on a function that did not previously exist and that many of the users felt necessary at the time they left with their friends and / or colleagues, and had to divide the bill: payment between individuals.

This update simplifies the payment procedure with people, because in addition to doing things quickly, confusion also occurs, because now every contact will have a profile photo making it easier to identify.

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In the same way, it will continue to count with the visualization of the transactions made and the balance examination, as well as the place or person where money is received; only this time it will be much easier to find.

This is possible thanks to the new structure of the screen, which also has the Send and Receive buttons that are much larger than before and are more accessible, because the menu and some other categories had to be opened to send and receive money efficiently.

There will also be notifications and information in real time, which shows each of the moves made from the application, such as sending and receiving money amounts that someone you know is sending to pay a loan or favor.

This new design, is today expanded around the world with the Android version, which will be released in Australia and Italy, while iOS will have to wait a bit, because it will be available in the coming weeks.

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