so these reptiles were millions of years ago

The typical image we have of the turtle, covered with its solemn and impenetrable scale of bones and scales, is about to change. An investigation with fossils of 228 million years in the province of Guizhou, China, indicates that these reptiles did not wear armor in the Triassic during the Mesozoic era.

Turtles without a shield

Imagine that the turtles are unprotected in this way, we may find it weird, as if we observe them completely naked. Dr. Nicholas Fraser, from the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh, points out that these beings belong to the species Eorhynchochelys sinesis (what & # 39; Dawn Turtle with a China highlight & # 39; "They were the same as the turtles, only they missed the lower and upper shield."

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The craziest thing is that they have developed the biological system to create their usual protection. That is why this specialist, who was responsible for the natural science department of the museum, was surprised to see that the fossil remains ready for analysis. "The jetty (as he calls it) was ready."

How the evolution of the shellless turtle occurred in the current remains a mystery. New discoveries would mean that we better know the reasons and mechanisms of this evolutionary leap: "We are waiting for the next fossil to see what awaits us", continues Dr. Fraser.

"At the moment we see that this animal has ribs that start to expand" and that they would later evolve in the scale we know.

It also explains the function of turtle shells: it helps both to protect themselves and to live under water for a longer period of time.

They are formed by about 50 bones, with ribs and vertebrae that merge to create a complex and resistant external layer that is very difficult to break. "They are very strange animals … but they have survived 200 million years"Dr. concludes. Fraser.

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