Sony sells mascot with artificial intelligence in the US.

Sony has announced that its robotic dog "Aibo", which works with artificial intelligence, will be available on the American market for the holidays at the end of the year, for an amount of $ 2,899.

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The mechanical mascot of the sixth generation combines robotics with image sensors and artificial intelligence, with which he can learn behaviors and recognize faces, according to Sony.

The Aibo robot develops its personality on the basis of interactions with people, which gives each horse a unique character in terms of its human companions, he said.

Just like real dogs, Aibo can learn tricks and search for their owners, and respond to words of praise and caresses in the head. Aibo also plays with toys, which are sold separately.

But unlike meat and blood dogs, Aibo includes an application that owners can use to customize system settings or add new tricks, and connect to the Internet cloud to store memories.

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