The & # 39; streaming & # 39; and more powerful consoles "will change the industry"

The current industry has little to do with that of ten years ago. Previously, players bought a game in a physical store and played in the loneliness of their home. Nowadays, with the appearance of the internet and the development of new consoles in the same game, they can stay "several years", explains the director in an interview with Efe.

In the future, players will be able to connect to "large servers and play in gigantic simulations with many more people than they do now," he explains.

"The relationship we had with the players has changed (…) We are closer to them", Guillemot underlines in the context of the Gamescom exhibition, the most important European event of the video game that celebrates a decade this year.

Despite the changing industry, Ubisoft, responsible for big sagas like "Assasin & Creed", always says these new technological developments because they "provide the opportunity to create new experiences", according to EFE.

"They are new opportunities that generate new types of experiences," he explains.

During the fair, fans of video games have been able to try the new episode of their famous saga, "Assasin & cds: Odyssey", released on October 5 (Xbox, Ps4 and PC) and taking place in Antigua. Greece, during the Peloponnesian war between Sparta and Athens.

"Our players love to spend time in the worlds of the past," Guillemont says about the key to the success of this saga, which leads the newness poster of the Ubisoft fair, along with the new episodes of "The Division" , "For Honor" or "The crew".

The technological advances of the coming years will allow developers to delve into the scenarios of the past that mimic the deliveries "Assasin & cds" and that will be "much more real", with players taking the "power" to build and change ".

Although it is an overproduction with several years of development and hundreds of people involved, the company tests its games in every meeting with the audience, as in the Gamescom, where they collect the reactions of the players and transfer them to the equipment to make last-minute changes.

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