The new application that Instagram is preparing

IGTV It was the last major launch of the social Instagram network, for which a platform was inaugurated vertical video & # 39; s long-term looking to compete with YouTube.

According to Bege's slogan, Facebook's social network would, however, make a plan new movement to expand its service catalog, and follows the steps of IGTV, this would be the creation of one new application

It is about "IG Shopping", an Instagram project that would allow users buy products through the social network.

While they know each other very well little details about the new service from Instagram, its operation would be based on the seller accounts that people are still in the social network, giving them the opportunity Purchase your products through an independent application on the social network.

It is unknown when the application can be startedHowever, sources close to the social network believe that Instagram It has the potential to expand into the field of electronic commerce.

Previously, the subsidiary of Facebook already did it evidence relating to the purchase of items, One was the announcement of purchases via the "stories".

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