We are a few weeks away from the official presentation of the new iPhoneand for that reason the wave of rumors about the Keynote of September has increased in the last days. On this occasion, the China Times has announced that the following terminals of Apple they could improve their efficiency wireless charging, all thanks to the change of material in the part that makes this function possible.

Devices compatible with wireless charging integrate a spiral inside to achieve electromagnetic induction. In the case of the iPhone that arrived the previous year, this induction coil It was made from a Ferrite polymer compound (FPC), which made room in the terminal possible thanks to the reduced thickness of the wire.

Although it is possible to take up less space, it also offers a higher loading speed that can be obtained with other materials, such as copper. It would be precisely the latter that would be integrated into at least one of the new models that will be presented in September and thus will be achieved improve the efficiency of wireless charging.

Copper is able to reduce the resistance and thereby increase the capacity without compromising the temperature of the appliance. This results in one wireless charging with higher speed, with respect for the guidelines of Qi certification. It is important to mention that copper is thicker than the FPC, and at this time it is unlikely that the new iPhone will increase the thickness due to this change. If this has happened, it is more likely that Apple has found a way to get more space between the components to enter the new copper spiral.

Also remember that the Cupertino has a product that is related to wireless charging: the AirPower. According to information from Digitimes which we provided to you the week before, in September the the final release date and the final price of the charger, ending almost a year of waiting and uncertainty. It will be in September when we can confirm or deny all previous information, when it is better to be careful.