The United States will close the gap between the earth and the planet Mars

By Agencia EFE
23-08-2018 | 06: 54 hours

The Vice President of the United States, Mike Pence, said today that his country is determined to redo the space race, with the installation of an orbital platform on the moon and above all the future delivery of a manned mission to Mars.

During his visit to NASA Johnson Space Center facilities in Houston, Texas today, Pence assured that the current government of President Donald Trump wants to write "the next big chapter" of space history and his "dedication" to innovation in the human exploration.

"President Donald Trump has already signed the official order that the US will return to the moon and try to reach Mars, for which we will build the most powerful space rocket ever to have a speed of 7 miles per kilometer. he argued.

Pence, for the applause of the public at the NASA space center, explained that this way, thanks to this new spacecraft, it will be possible to reduce "the gap" between the earth and the red planet, and even in the future to explore what is "beyond".

In early June, NASA announced the results of its search for life on Mars thanks to the robot scout Curiosity, a mission that landed on that planet in 2012 and found organic molecules in rocks on the surface of Mars. .

Specifically, the complex found organic material in rock that was formed 3,000 million years ago, a finding that could point to life once.

However, before the Americans reach Mars, the government plans to install a platform located around the moon, the initial construction price of which will be $ 500 million and will be ready by 2024.

"Some say we should not think of going back to the moon, concentrating on closer cases, and even that government services have paid off programs to reach the moon in 2020, but that was a mistake," Defendant Pence himself.

The vice president insisted during his speech on the criticism of previous rulers who, in his opinion, did not understand that human exploration "has always been a fundamental issue in the history of the nation".

"We are not satisfied with having our footprints" on the lunar surface, he said.

In that sense he described NASA and, specifically, the Johnson Center as a "national treasure", which allowed the United States to lead the way from man to the stars, "once again".

A compliment complimented by the administrator of NASA, Jim Bridenstine, who & # 39; the trouble and concern & # 39; thanked the current government for the space project.

Bridenstine emphasized the establishment of the National Space Council, of which Mike Pence is the president, because "it reflects with actions what they convey with their words".

From this organism, with the signature of Trump's approval, the command left the Pentagon to create a Space Force in the army that would have to fight to prevent possible attacks from space and that "the sixth body of the armed forces." " will become.

"We are concerned about security both on Earth and in space, so this unit will become a reality by 2020. China and Russia are developing dangerous tools and we can not allow them to dominate us," said the Vice President .

Military mistrust has always been present since the establishment of NASA 60 years ago, so the United States has tried to lead space innovation.

With that mix between science and defensive military strategy, Pence assured that the United States "will not give up its responsibilities in space" and will try to honor the legacy of the "heroes of the past".

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