This is called the new iPhone of 2018

Apple will present the new iPhone on September 12, date on which we can come from a fundamental doubt: what will these phones be called? Since the launch of the iPhone X in 2017, the cabals to guess the future names of the phones of the company Cupertino have become more complicated.

The reason? So far, Apple had us use it to launch a new version of its flagship phone, and the next year probably a version with internal improvements but with the same design. So we had the iPhone 6 and the following year the iPhone 6S. But last year with the arrival of the iPhone X – which hit the iPhone 9, this name probably buried forever – and the launch of the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus – which should have been iPhone 7S and 7S Plus – all the continuity that we then knew was broken.

That does not matter if you try to understand what Apple is up to, so the rumors and reports do not stop. Some agree that the company has changed the name of their devices several times, making it even more difficult to determine with certainty what the next is.


The iPhone XS and X Plus revealed by 9to5Mac.


Take the & # 39; S & # 39; back?

One of the great features is that Apple's & # 39; S & # 39; re-record for their devices. This would give us an iPhone XS – read 10S, not XS – of 5.8 inches and that would be the extension of the current iPhone X and an iPhone XS Plus of 6.5 inches, both with OLED screens. The problem? This last big iPhone has no previous model, so the & # 39; S & # 39; would be more in the nomenclature.

Rumors of 9to5Mac indicate that the return of the "S" might be a possibility, therefore this option is very important, although it is certainly not our favorite. How do we read the name of this device? Options for what happens when people want to talk about it, in complete safety: iPhone Xtra Small, Excess, 10 S …

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How will the iPhone of 2018 be? We add all the songs together


Simply iPhone or iPhone X

The introduction of the iPhone X marked a new era for Apple, so a good possibility is that the company will keep calling their iPhone X phones, so we would have the iPhone 5.8 inches, 6.1-inch iPhone X and 6.5 -in iPhone X have. Of course, this can be a chaos and total madness to identify the devices. We would probably call them small, medium and large iPhone X, for simplifying everything.

An option that is not far-fetched is that Apple calls them iPhone Lite or Light, iPhone and iPhone Plus. For example, Macbooks and iPads have names without any other additions, a change that Apple has made silently but continuously. Is it the turn of the iPhone?

And what happens when Apple follows the ideas Tim Cook, his executive president, and re-encode the iPhone? Apple's first new product was the Apple Watch, so if this is the new age of the iPhone, we would not be surprised if it was called Apple Phone, although it's fair, it's unlikely.

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Confirmed! New iPhone for 12 September


And the 6.1-inch iPhone?

Although we have treated all three phones equally, Apple may decide to call this device in another way if something is true. If it were a new version of the iPhone 8 or 8 Plus, the iPhone might be 8S, but it is not like that. That is why the name that sounds the most is that of the iPhone 9 – although we think Apple killed it when it brought the iPhone X (10) to the market. There has even been talk of the possibility to use the iPhone 11, but that would be confusing.

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