This man leaves his dream to become an astronaut

Fortune smiles at many people who have unparalleled opportunities to face big challenges, but that is not always the case.
Robb Kulin, aspiring astronaut, decided to leave NASA's special program for human reasons.

Some requirements for aspiring pilots required Know Russian, master gravity-walking techniques, training in International Space Station systems, robotics and flight preparation.

The strange thing about it is that the 35-year-old man was selected from no less than 18, 300 participants.

The NASA program had not received redundancy from its applicants for more than 50 years when John Llewellyn decided to retire because he did not consider that he was making progress in his training to pilot a spaceship and Brian O & # 39; Leary left the program for differences with the way space flights were conducted.

Lightshow alert! Astronomers using our @ NASAHubble Space Telescope spot aurora & # 39; s or dancing lights in the Arctic of Saturn. In contrast to the aurora on earth, the aurora of Saturn are most easily visualized and studied in ultraviolet using space telescopes. Hubble allowed to follow the behavior of the aurora at the north pole of Saturn for a longer period in 2017 to create this composite image. The Hubble observations were coordinated with the "Grand Finale" of the Cassini spacecraft, when the spacecraft questioned the auroral areas of Saturn at the same time. Data enabled astronomers to learn more about the magnetosphere of Saturn, which is the largest of any other planet in the solar system than Jupiter. Credit: NASA, ESA / Hubble, A. Simon and the OPAL team, J. DePasquale, L. Lamy #nasa #space #hubble #saturn #cassini #spacecraft #ultraviolet #earth #aurorae #planets #solarsystem #astronomy #science # picoftheday #exploration #rings

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NASA reported that it will not replace the space Kulin left and stays with 11 applicants.

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