Tips for your mobile to load faster

The hectic pace of our society means that we often disconnect our mobile phone before it is recharged

This procedure is not recommended because it will damage the life of the battery

Here we present what you need to do to make your mobile device charge much faster and thus save the battery:

Turn off the phone

If you have an alarm and if you turn it off, you're afraid it does not sound like you can put it in flight mode because you have not opened the Wi-Fi or the data and it is not connected to the network, which is the battery. used up.

Remove the liner

The lithium ions in the battery become hot during charging and if a liner covers the battery, it is charged more slowly because they are overheated and the charge is not as efficient. Therefore, you must remove the housing or a protector that contributes to the heating of the batteries.

Connect it to a good power source

Who has never placed the phone on the computer, in the car, on TV or with a portable charger? They can be an emergency aid, but if you really want your mobile or tablet to charge quickly, the outlet is the best option. It is much slower in the rest of the chargers.

Use a brand loader

Not all chargers are the same, although many phones are of the same type and you can use your old phone or any other charger at home. The most efficient way to load it is with an official charger from the brand of the terminal.

Avoid extreme temperatures

Both cold and extreme heat damage the battery, which will discharge faster, but will also charge slower than normal. That is why it is so important to keep your mobile or tablet away from the sun's rays in the summer and to protect them from the cold temperatures in the winter.

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