TOF 3D infrared camera that allows you to transform your mobile phone into a Kinect

They are called flight time cameras. In English, the acronym TOF, which is likely to be more successful, from the point of view of marketing.

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And it refers to an infrared camera that emits a light pulse and then measures the time that elapses between leaving the camera until it reflects back on an object and returns to the sensor.

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As a radar of infrared light (that is invisible to the human eye); or as a Lidar, which does something similar with a laser, widely used in autonomous cars.

The TOF camera is not a very new technology, but it is new that in recent months several mobile phone companies have included this technology in their equipment.

The version that the iPhone X uses is called TrueDepth:

An infrared light illuminates the user's face by 30,000 points and an infrared camera photographs the face, determines the position of those points and compares it with a previous record to confirm that it is the right person.

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