Tomorrow the Aeolus satellite will start, which will contribute to climate research

The satellite Aeolus (the "guardian of the winds", according to Greek mythology) is already waiting in French Guiana launch into space to start his main mission, to study the winds and thus contribute to refining weather forecasts.

The launch of the Aeolus was planned for today from the base that the European Space Agency (ESA) has in Kuru (French Guiana) but it is precisely the strong winds expected in the area that have forced to delay the departure of the new European satellite.

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<p>Aeolus is a mission organized by ESA to provide the necessary data to improve the quality of the <strong>weather forecasts </strong>and contribute to climate research in the long term.</p>
<p>Built by <strong>Airbus Defense and Space,</strong> Aeolus will 'Aladin & # 39; instrument, including laser technology, to transport pulses of ultraviolet light into the atmosphere to create a profile of the planet's winds from space.</p>
<p>This instrument examines the bottom 30 kilometers of the atmosphere to measure winds around the earth. In this way, it will provide scientists <strong>global information in real time </strong>about the speed of the wind. Thanks to this satellite scientists can better understand how wind, pressure, temperature and humidity are connected.</p>
<p>This new mission also wants to shed light on how the wind is blowing <strong>heat and moisture exchange</strong> between the Earth's surface and the atmosphere, two important aspects to understand climate change.</p>
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Delayed the release of #Aeolus for meteorological reasons.
The start of the Vega rocket with the satellite on board is now planned for tomorrow, August 22 at 23:20 CEST.
More information with @Arianespace at

– ESA Spain (@esa_es) August 21, 2018

In addition to contribute to scientific progress and to improve weather forecasting, Aeolus data will be used in air quality models to improve the prediction of dust and other particulate matter affecting public health.

The launch was re-scheduled for Wednesday, August 22 at 11:20 am CEST, ie at 4:20 local time in Mexico.

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