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The American multinational Google launched its new stickers called "Your Miniatures" to allow users to create characters based on themselves.

These can be created with the Google keyboard in the beta version of 7.5, thumbnails created will be seen as a caricature of the person who will look into his image and likeness.

After they are created, the user can share them in their conversations and social networks as their own avatar, those in them stickers.

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To have the user create their own thumbnails, go to the sticker section of the keyboard and touch the option "Create" in the new package Your thumbnails.

The user then has to make a "selfie" (self-portrait) in which he tries to place his face in the frame that indicates the application.

After taking the picture Gboard It does all the work while it analyzes the functions of the user and creates two packages with thumbnails. One called "downloaded miniatures" made by artist Lamar Abrams, the other package is "Tender miniatures", designed by artists Helen Tseng and Shannon May.

After obtaining the result, the user can customize them with the options offered by the thumbnail editor, such as changing the shape of the face, skin color, hair color, hair style, and many other options.

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