Argentinian team: Scaloni bets on rotation | MundoD, The best sports website in Córdoba

"Scaloni is a great boy, but he can not lead the traffic (…) The position is like the costume from Gordo Porcel to Minguito Tinguitela". The sentence of Diego Maradona made a lot of noise in the football world.

Without the spirit to come into conflict with the coach of the Dorados de Sinaloa, Lionel chose to retain much what he thought: "I have nothing to say about the statements of Maradona".

Then the interim coach put the focus on the tour that comes before the selection: "We know what it means to defy a rival as strong as Brazil, we will certainly make a great match." I have always said that the most important thing is not the result, but the operation, I want a team with desire. "

"I spoke with Messi and we decided not to call him", the coach added, explaining the quote from Nicolás Otamendi: "If we quote him, it is because we believe he is a valid player in the national team We talk to him and we explain what we want. "

More ahead, Scaloni said that "there is no closed door for a player of the selection.The guys from Argentine football will arrive half well, because we are going to play on Thursday, they have one day less recovery. that most of the called players play a game. & # 39;

When he spoke about who would stop, he remarked: "the idea is that another goalkeeper plays every game".

Finally, the interim coach said: "I spoke to Banega and Di Maria and I explained to them that I want to continue to see the players who want to keep calling."

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