Basketball vinotinto won the most important duel towards the World Championship

Venezuela won a match that had been lost to the Dominican Republic.

An extra time and a lot of suffering was what Venezuela needed to beat the Dominican Republic 79-78, in the fourth window of the FIBA ​​qualifying round for the World Cup in China 2019. José "Grillo" Vargas presented his role as captain and guide for the criollo team with 21 points, including five triples in the seventh victory of La Vinotinto de las Alturas in the FIBA ​​qualifying matches. Néstor Colmenares and Heissler Guillent each totaled 16 goals and Miguel Ruíz again played a key role for Fernando Duró, the pivot with 11 rebounds and his four points do not reflect the immense wear that Ruiz showed on the pitch.

For the Dominican Republic Víctor Liz showed why he is one of the jewels of the Caribbean after depositing 25 points and Eulis Báez accompanied him with 17 units.

The game was for everyone, the mistakes were plentiful and the losses to balls are no longer in the statistics, because Venezuela lost 14 balls and committed Dominican 20 sins. Sometimes Venezuela regretted the absence of Gregory Echenique in the painting, because the Vinotinto quintet made a utopia to mark Angel Delgado. Delgado captured 10 balls for the boards and swept the double digit with nine points. Similarly, Venezuela launched a disturbing 50% of the free throws (15 out of 30), but the Creoles had a fortune because the rival had no goal of the free line (24 out of 35).

Heissler Guillent appears at the end

The Dominican lost the chance to win the victory in the last period when Liz hit two three-pointers in a row and left 53-57 shares favorable to the visit, pardoned and paid dearly.

But Venezuela still had breathing space. Without Ruíz, out of mistakes, it was the moment of Guillent. And the Caracas base again showed its calm. Guillent scored twice to force additional time and what followed was pure heart.

Luis Bethelmy, who did not have a good match, grabbed the rebound of the game and then scored a free throw to convince the bet with 39 seconds remaining overtime. Earlier, the "Grillo" Vargas had tripled with 1:25 on the clock to score 75-73.

With four games remaining in the second round of the draw, the China World Cup in 2019 is just around the corner for La Vinotinto's basketball.

Brazil forfeited

FIBA must include letters in the subject about one of the parties of the & # 39; windows & # 39; disputed on the American continent. Brazil had to play against the Virgin Islands as part of their confrontation with group F. The Brazilian federation informs about a letter from its own FIBA ​​informing him that the meeting will not be played on the scheduled date, in the coming hours. Because "the opponent's team brought operational problems and was not on time with their players to face the Brazilian team." Sources of the Brazilian press indicate another reason: an inconvenience with visas. The Virgin Islands did not have in mind that the players needed a special permit and these accreditations to enter Brazil did not arrive at the scheduled time for the game.

The game has been suspended for the time being, but could give victory to Brazil and the Virgin Islands will be disqualified for the qualifying phase for that problem. Let's wait for the official.




1.- United States 7 6 1 620 453 13

2.- Argentina 7 6 1 597 465 13

3.- Puerto Rico 7 5 2 598 552 12

4.- Uruguay 7 4 3 489 556 11

5. Panama 7 3 4 509 527 10

6.- Mexico 7 3 4 513 541 10



1.- Venezuela 8 7 1 603 519 15

2.- Brazil 8 6 2 576 468 14

3.- Canada 7 6 1 681 520 13

4.- Dominican Republic 8 5 3 688 618 13

5.- Virgin Islands 8 2 6 582 695 9

6.- Chile 7 1 6 425 527 8


7.15 pm Uruguay-Mexico

20:00 hours Chile-Canada

21.15 hours Argentina-Puerto Rico

20:00 pm Panama United States

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