Deportivo Táchira continues to give away points in "Pueblo Nuevo"

San Cristóbal ,. The Deportivo Táchira F.C. suffered the first setback at home in the Closing Tournament 2018, and awarded the honor to Monagas S.C., with a score of 0-1, in a compromise corresponding to the fifth day of the national competition. The highly offensive proposal of both squadrons was present in the first 45 minutes in Pueblo Nuevo, a rhythm that continued to exist until the east got the advantage, from then on they bet on falling back into their territory and responding in contro mode.

General aspects of the match between the teams Deportivo Tachira FC Vs Monagas SC. party

The & # 39; Chapulín & # 39; Reyes once again proved one of the most sharp for the yellow and black box, generated two clear options at 12 & # 39; and 29 & # 39; In the first situation, he abused the appointment of Carlos Suárez in the area in the last minute, but his three-finger shot went over the top. In the second chance he finished with a cross and a cross, but the ball went right next to the good corner of goalkeeper Luis Romero. Beycker Velásquez stopped Rubén Rojas, a player from Barça, who was given a foul by the same goalkeeper a few minutes later, action that sentenced the head José Luis Hoyo as a maximum penalty and later expulsion of the caretaker.

The tachirense goalkeeper Cristopher Varela went at the expense of Esli García and tried to stop the launch; Martín García, however, insured the score by loading forcefully and to the center.

In the supplement, the flag of the tabby led by Spaniard Álex Pallarés moved up his lines, playing almost the entire second half of the visit area, forcing the players from Monaco to play the San Cristobal attempts sharply; situation in which they had to finish the race with nine men in the field.

General aspects of the match corresponding to the fifth day of the tournament

Angelo García on 78 & # 39; and Ismael Romero on 83 & # 39 ;, got double reprimand by Trujillo's referee. Just before both expulsions, Carlos Cermeño fired a shot with the left that almost stunned the keeper, who stretched the corner to shift. Johan Moreno also jumped from the bench to the field to react to the midfield, where he generated a single in the end and fired on a stick with a powerful hand, but the spherical left flew away.

The Deportivo Táchira F.C. it is maintained with seven points in the table, after two conquests, the same number of displacements and one parity. Next Wednesday, August 22nd, they will return to Cabudare, but this time against Carabobo F.C., a stage where the Valencians serve as locals in the Clausura 2018 Tournament.

Technical sheet:

Deportivo Táchira F.C. (0): Beycker Velásquez, Pablo Camacho, Daniel Benítez (C), Jonnathan Spain, Joynner Rivera (Johan Moreno 59), Carlos Cermeño, Ronaldo Lucena (Jesús Orozco 74 & # 39;), José Miguel Reyes, Esli García (Cristopher Varela 43 & # 39;), Giancarlo Maldonado, Víctor Aquino. DT: Álex Pallarés.

Substitutes without playing: Manuel Granados, Davixson Flórez, Luis Melo, Jeizon Ramírez.

Monagas S.C. (1): Luis Romero, Martín Garcia, Yanoswky Reyes (Nelson Perez 72), Javier Garcia, Jesús Gonzalez (Luis Arturo Peralta 53), Carlos Suarez (C) (Dager Palacios 90 & # 39; ), Rubén Rojas, Óscar González, Agnel Flores, Ángelo García, Ismael Romero. DT: José Manuel Rey.

Substitutes without playing: Richard Gasperi, Roberto Chacón, Samuel Barberi, Vicente Rodríguez.

Goal: Martín García 44 & # 39; (P) (Monagas).

Encouraged: Pablo Camacho 80 & # 39; (Táchira); Javier García 18 & # 39 ;, Agnel Flores 21 & # 39 ;, (Monagas).

Expelled: Beycker Velásquez 40 & (Roja Roja) (Táchira); Angelo García 78 & # 39; (double iteration), Ismael Romero 83 & # 39; (double repetition) (Monagas).

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