Eduardo Rodríguez had a great return to the hill (+ video) | baseball

The Venezuelan starter Eduardo Rodríguez, returned to action, pulled back 12 enemies through the punch and grabbed the Red Sox Boston to a home win with 1-6 over the White Sox or Chicago.

Rodríguez (12-3) was credited on his return to the mound after suffering an injury to his right ankle on July 14th.

The Venezuelan allowed three hits, one run, gave a base and retired 12 batters.

Rodriguez left 3.34 its average effectiveness after making 90 pitches, of which 60 were perfect against 20 enemy batters.

The Dominican third baseman Eduardo Núñez (10), the ranger Jackie Bradley (12) and second base Ian Kinsler (14) battle at home runs against the White Sox.

Núñez (10) took the ball from the field in the fifth inning with no runners ahead against the opener's job Carlos Rodónwithout outs in the episode.

The loss was carried by Rodon (6-4) in six innings and a third, he accepted six hits and five runs. EFE

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